A free*, digital version of Bossbattle Bunnies for surviving quarantine!

Written by Wouter van Vugt

Now that COVID-19 is forcing us to stay inside, we figured we’d give people a way to still play Bossbattle Bunnies with your friends! So fire up your Skype, Discord or Twitch or whatever and get to playing!*

*I have made an exact recreation of the game inside of Tabletop Simulator. You will still need a copy of that software to be able to play. Sorry about that!

The free download is available here!
Simply drag the file in “Documents\My Games\Tabletop Simulator\Saves”, and then do the following in Tabletop Simulator: Create > Multiplayer > Enter a server name and set max players to 6 > Load in Bossbattle Bunnies!

Having fun? Be sure to share a recording with us! It would help us spread the word, ya know?

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